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released April 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Perfect Mistakes UK

We play Rrock music and we play it loud.
Twitter- @perfmistband Facebook -

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Track Name: Bulb
This ship is sailing, far away
And takes with it everyday
An ounce of trust, an ounce of love
Yesterdays solutions that he aint got

this buildings growing brick by brick
Glue and glitter that just wont stick
In to the jungle he fades away
Smaller and slimmer everyday

Wheels turning, the ground is gone
Free falling man will sing his song
He’s reaching out, he’s closing in
A silence and a stench of where he’s been

He’s black and black and black as can be
Beggars cant be choosers and neither can he
He’s chasing shadows of his past
Now he understands: he wont last

Oh ill always be there
I’m always going to care
Ill pull you back
Ill pull you close
Ill wipe the dirt away from your eyes

Oh you’ll always be there
my god you’re so damn scared
Take a chance, take a risk
Get yourself out of the rut you’re in

This ship is sailing far away
Glue and glitter everyday
He’s reaching out he’s closing in
Now he understands he can never win
Aint no trust aint no love
Aint no jungle-terror turf
All the shadows he’s left behind
Never ever ever will leave his mind
Track Name: Can't Seem To See
Anyway I thought you said
You wouldn’t be seen dead
Talking to someone like him
There’s that look in your eye
You think I don’t recognize
I’ve seen that shit a thousand times

There’s not a lot left in here
I don’t know what’s to fear
I cant seem to see straight anymore
I’ve never really thought of it
I miss you that’s bullshit
I cant seem to see straight anymore

Like your favorite record on repeat
Addiction gone bittersweet
I know every single word you’re gunna say
This melody is messing me
A harmony built for three
A prefect little life for you to live

I seem to remember
words you said last September
won't you please just get me out of here
Track Name: Bottles, Boats, Sheets
Lately I’ve been trying to
Get a message from a bottle out
I found it about a week ago
Want to know what’s inside?

Kisses from an old TV
Laughter from a radio
Sound waves from a history
That I don’t know

Take me there

All my friends have gone away
These bridges burnt to the ground
Crying songs from yesterday
Bleeding ears from the sound

Of shadows asking where I’ve been
Of words that I used to know
Do you think it’s gone forever?
I don’t know

Take me there

I’ve fallen deep
Past the bottles boats and sheets
Past the radios and stereos
To the bottom of this well
And I’m looking for a wish
I cast it a week ago
Don’t throw it away
Don’t throw me away